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ESPRESSO BADGE azure cotton shirt



This Azure Double Twisted Cotton Shirt is a very impeccable fabric from typically british style combined with lightness and softness of neapolitan fit.
It can be matched with a classic suit or a linen pair of trousers.
Italian soft collar with very closed long tips.
Once the sides have been sewn, the restitching of the armhole is realized with the Santillo famous “punto a barchetta”, in order to enhance the softness and strenght of the fabric in the most stressed point of the shirt.Australian mother-of-pearl buttons applied by hand with “lily stitching”.
Finally, the ironing and the folding are made by hand too.


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Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso1 kg
Dimensioni35 x 25 x 10 cm

37-(14-1/2), 38-(15), 39-(15 1/2), 40-(15 3/4), 41-(16), 42-(16 1/2), 43-(17), 44 (17 1/2), 45 (18)


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