The RADICI PATRIMONIO 1970 collection is the largest research of Santillo in the development of the exclusive fabrics revisited in new blends and exclusive color. This Field-Jacket called Ascari take inspiration from riders world and represent a real must have of gentleman’s wardrobe revisited in this new version with one piece collar totally empty, two buttoned shoulder pads, four flap patch pocket and a belted waist. Sand Corduroy Ideal to wear with a two piece suit in winter mornings out of town crafted exclusively for Santillo and perfect for real Italian dandy. A peculiar detail by Santillo is the sleeve stitching, that is not in line with the side seam because the sleeve is sewn only after the side has been closed. This step is unique and can be done only by the skilled hands of expert artisans. Little hand embroidered hem are applied in the most stressed point of the shirt. Finally, the ironing and the folding are made by hand too.