In the true respect of Santillo’s tradition values RADICI PATRIMONIO 1970 is the largest research trough the development of the exclusive fabrics realized in special blends and new color, looking for a new concept of gentleman. Using processes that are disappearing the result of all this work is an exclusive product matching style with superb professional skills. The idea is inspired by Italian climber Bonatti, one of the hardest-working in the history of the sport, expression of personality and distinctive creativity. The result is a design that exalt the vivid colors remaining faithful to the understated elegance of this garment. This Limited edition BONATTI linen shirt presents One piece collar and cuffs totally empty, one flap patch chest pocket This hand-cut shirt has a peculiar detail: once the sides have been sewn, the restitching of the armhole is realized with the Santillo's famous “punto a barchetta”, in order to enhance the softness and strenght of the fabric in the most stressed point of the shirt. This step is unique and can be done only by the skilled hands of expert artisans. Finally, the ironing and the folding are made by hand too.