Patrimonio collection spring/summer 2016 was born due to the need to give shape to one’s own emotions and cultural background, when the artisan skills of  high quality tailoring started to decline.

It ‘s a collection that stems out  from the 2015 “Radici Project”, which unites a passion for fashion together with an in-depth study of raw materials, culture, tradition, lifestyles and illustrious personalities of the past brought back into life which a part of the new Santillo 1970 Collection.

The main theme of all the work is recycle of old fabrics, shirts, their manufacture and how to e employ them.

The SS 2016 collection is full of colours, refers to pleasant seasons, long walk on the sandy beaches, but also to parties and events. Come in this new collection are light and fine fabrics such us linen and cotton, necessary in gentlemen’s closets who love to dress impeccably. There are a varied array of exclusive proposals regarding these items, which are realized with special yarns made by the Santillo Company. From the Relevance of colour shirt realized in pure linen in turquoise striped colour with a particular open collar,  an informal fit to match with ecrue colour or pure white, to the Brera in muslin cotton  with a new version of the italian collar to combine with a canvas grey cool wool or blue pinstripe with a very large white line. Always present the recalling of the beloved Calabria. The Jutland goes back to the Norman invasion history, who conquered south of Italy around 1050’s, a shirt made of popeline, take from an old family record, a very versatile garnment in red striped colour.  This shirt it’s made up of one piece collar with one button, to wear open with a light brown  gabardine jacket, or over a blue cobalto suit in worsted wool.

Always included,  in this new collection, the classic models of the company, landmark for untimely costumers. A sample is the De Sica in deep blue colour, characterized by rigid and classic french collar and french cuffs. Appropriate to wear in both formal and informal events, this is one of those chosen high quality creations by the italian actor Christian De Sica for his latest productions of which he is the protagonist. Another important piece of the collection is New Bond, with a traditional soul, with its severe cut is handmade with a punto a barchetta and realized for this collection in fine white GIZA cotton. Renovated in detail with a very comfortable open collar, it’s the ideal to wear at evenings with smoking or  during mornings with casual beige cotton trousers .

A collection feld  with new ideas. The sheer consequence of intensive research and passion for   high quality tailoring made in Italy.