We could only say that the customization program is definitely extensive and rich in models, the result of a remarkable research and development work in the design phase, but it is right sometimes to dwell on some particularly relevant models.
The two new cuffs that we present derive from our historical archives and are characterized by the shapes and technical measures used to enhance design and functionality.

Italian cuff

With a certain patriotic pride we start with the description of the Italian cuff: a decidedly classic and formal shape, which in this case consists of two parts to complete its structure. The tab, which serves as a support for the buttonhole, is inserted in the middle between the two flaps attached to the outer closure, while the button is applied on the opposite end inside the wrist. This system enhances that game of contrasts typical of classic Italian style, rigorous but as relaxed as possible and soft, refined but spontaneous, natural but bold, a duality always well present and main feature of Mediterranean elegance.

Tab cuff

The second model has a sort of tab: this time, however, it adds to the main structure, it articulates and composes everything in the shape of the cuff itself. The result is a style that remains versatile, comfortable and elegant in equal way.
The two models are available to combine among the exclusive designs present in bespoke customization programs of Santillo.

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