In July at Catanzaro there a lot of events that host international and national stars and VIPS from all over the world, thanks to Mr Gianvito Casadonte who through the MGFF, international festival dedicated to the italian cinema, gifs lives to a week of rediscovery and enhancement of the art and cultur of the Calabria territory.
And it’s a particularly to the history of this tailoring tradition that immediately charmed the Hollywood star Matthew Modine. It all stems out from the personal passion for classical fashion and special attention to the caracteristic related to the territory.
Such principles immediatly emerge in the central theme of the collection Radici Project who combine the use of fabrics and materials not employed nowadays, moreover the usage of the old traditional techniques as well as modern innovantions, research and development.
This kind of design that most charcterizes this collection that made the actor choose this fitted handmade shirt who decided to have it prepared for him after having chosen with particular attention all the fabrics and after having with curiosity followed all the various preparatory steps of the creation.
Before his departure we dedicated him something special that brought back to our laboratory for the last time and for the greetings and to confirm all the orders for the next Santillo 1970 shirts.
“Nice collar!” This is the firts exclamation by the actor Matt Dillon when he arrived at our laboratory in Catanzaro. Numerous are the neck models that we showed him to be matched with the shirt that we create for him. His choice were italian traditional fabrics such as linen and chambray, andaverylightandclassicalcolourtomatch onepiècecollar.
While the search continiues he goes on and enjoying himselfs by evoking historic shirts tha have characterized the history of american cinema. Dillon is impatient and curious to recieve and try on the shirts after verifyng the size and the fit of the italan cut. Have to have to recieve the shirt he was already thinking about his next Santillo 1970 shirt model.