Pertinenza camicieria

The way of wearing a shirt has changed with time according to lifestyles and contexts. The contemporary view on the shirt is that such a garment rapresents the classic token of elegance inherited from the 1800’s. It is essential, both in the masculine and feminine apparel, due to its shapes and style that are sometimes so fused as to create a unisex item. There is only the differces that go with matching matches different kinds of shirts with patterns, colours and material.
Even though revived by many, the strict diktat of dresscode, continues to exist that there are different ways and times to wear shirts that we should abide to. Small rules that should be primary in the real gentlemen’s daily routine who love eleganceabove all. Concerning our decision to share some posts with our specific advices relative to the use and the prominents of the shirt in different moments. The all discussion dealing with our advices and suggestions relatively to our iconic shirts, originated from our exsperience in the tayloring field. Let’s begin with the example of a tipical businessman during different moments oin a week. The first shirt that we would like to mantion is the Connery made by Santillo 1970. This shirt has to be worn strictly in the morning and never after 6:00 PM. Created with popilene or light blue batista, it’s its made up a collar named vela chiusa and you can matched with a a grey or Prince of Galles suit. Following this style the white shirt made in popilene with a collar called a vela aperta, which is exclusively worn after 6:00 PM. Makes a perfect combination with a dark blue suit. The fabrics named armati a trama larga, such us giro Inglese or Oxford are perfect for the casual wear. This is the fabrics should always be included in a gentlemens wardrobe who during the weeknend enjoys to relax and do sports. One can wear this shirt during sailing trip or while watching a tennis match at Wimbledon. Last but not least also in the classic elegance there are exceptions that permit to maintain a unique and sophisticated style. So the bluse In piazzetta a Capri realized in fine linen, expresses very well this concept. Characterized by a one piece neck, It’s ideal to be worn under a hopstack blazer, in navy blue and on drill cotton with double stitches trousers, in natural white to be worn with a 4,7 cm tight-rolled on the bottom. In the future posts we would continue to give you some new interesting tips on the topic.