According to Oscar Wilde The only charme of the past, is that it’s past. Referring to this philosophy of the great italian arts and craft and fashion creator, to with old the past within itself, retaining it’s historical and cultural heritage. Is from one’s own heritage, that the idea of travel of the new Santillo’s summer collection is born.

Espresso Badge

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A set of values of which the ambassador is the true gentleman by the rigorous style with the inevitable elegance that always identifies him.
The model called the Espresso badge stands out for  a decisive and indissoluble style in the true formal way that finds the typical Neapolitan easiness with a very soft collar. The bespoke, trademark of Santillo’s tailoring, meets the idea of an endless journey among countless places, enchanting corners and distant destinations with clothes designed for long seasons on airplane or boat trips, never to give up expressing that clear style by combining Classic fabrics with exotic colors.

Versatile garments that highlight techniques made in tailoring by the expert artisans. Unique details, expression of the constant as maniacal research, resume small british notes as in the Glenans model proposed with a very full-bodied knit fabric and embellished with frogged horns.

Latest collection

Radici Patrimonio 1970


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Looking to a new idea of “daily use”, to propose a practicality that transfers all its power to the style beyond that sense of convenience. This idea inspired the Radici Patrimonio 1970 SS17 with the new polo shirts, such as Laos and Pietrangeli, recreated in new colors, featuring unreleased collar totally empty, expressing the comfort touch that meets the essential rigor of the classic style.
Iconic models that are renewed each season, such as the Saharian jacket,  proposed in the tones as beige, ocher and blue that bring back to a colonial atmosphere of other times.
Tela spazzina, chambray and Lino fabrics in classic nuance are also featured in the new ladies capsule inspired by a clean, simple and intriguing style and includes five exclusive creations in limited edition.