With his work C. Alvaro sustain that the past is not a refuge but a link with the roots on which modernity must be restored. It’s on this ideas that from the historical tailoring that born all the collections.


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Radici patrimonio 1970 features a part of the collection with new creation, expression of experience, knowledge, ideas, dreams combined with skills and craftsmanship quality representing an uncontaminated, sacred and inviolable world, survived over to time. It reveals a story that speaks of ethics. The ethic of the real made in Italy that preserves and safeguards sustainable practices.
Among the most significant models we find the model called Solferino which is distinguished by its melange blue, with a club tipe collared reproduced in a very soft version.


Its spicy notes are perfects for monochrome matchings beloved by 70’s lovers.
Versatile and suitable for a new more balanced urban style,  evoking magical corners away from the frenzy. The choice is again enriched with new and exclusive  models thanks intensive study of sartorial processing  and finishing touches matched to the reuse of timeless classic fabrics, now rarely used, that have always distinguished the men’s wardrobe.

A Formal impeccable, decided, for suit and tie with a soft fitting features by bright solid color and very fine check like the Lord Rosebery shirt but sometimes revitalized by charismatic Bacchettati proposed  in the Daily credit color  model.
The classic navy, pin-stripes, crossbred, bouclè, drill in addition to the traditional velvet and corduroy that are used for the new Saharian Jacket and models of uniform inspiration.

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Radici Patrimonio 1970

Lord Rosebery

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The classic navy, pin-stripes, crossbred, bouclè, drill in addition to the traditional velvet and corduroy that are used for the new Saharian Jacket and models of uniform inspiration.
Fabrics full-bodied, dense, created to bring out unsuspected utilizations of the new polo shirt Navy Lord Raglan and Miletto, raw structures coming from our archive, revisited and developed with winter blazer’s typical textures and motifs.
The raglan sleeves highlight the will to preserve generous volumes of models designed to be worn with trousers even over a informal shirt.Formal collared become a unique piece Incredibly soft thanks to a special process hand-crafted by expert craftsmen for create a version destructured and total empty.
Pocket, flap and olive buttons complete the new Polo shirts Martin and Gambarie made with special bland of precious of precious yarns, breathable but extremely hot.
Iconic garments such as Glenans are renewed with new fabric for create new effects.


Radici Patrimonio 1970


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Its comfortable, stylish and practical style is the expression of those sports values that are always fundamental to the spirit of contemporary man and so much beloved by Italian dandy. Nocciola or stone, wood or emerald, cortex o blue-cobalt combined with silk fabrics or compact “monofilo” create nuances of Mediterranean inspiration.An elegance that expresses all its vivacity and allows you to play with accessories matching pocket-square  and ties made with crochet method or traditional embroidery. The desire for absolute exclusivity that focuses on bespoke and represents a very particular value for Santillo. It’s the importance of expressing an individual style that is reflection of personality, way of life and thinking, useful in creating new ideas and details. A collection these of FW2018 that is well suited to lovers and enthusiasts of high Neapolitan tailoring.

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