W e are proud to announce the continuation of the collaboration between Santillo and Christian De Sica.
One of the greatest Italian actors, who will be the protagonist of “In Vacanza su Marte”, a film produced by Indiana Production and distributed by Warner Bros. Italy, directed by Neri Parenti.
On this occasion, after past collaborations, a special series of shirts was selected and developed in close collaboration with the artist who has always made good taste and Italian elegance a lifestyle.
The meetings organized and followed over time, necessary for measurements, examination of models, choice of fabrics, they made up
moments of great discussion on identity and the tradition of bespoke tailoring, retracing also anecdotes and artistic details,
especially related to his wardrobe.
Like every great Neapolitan tailoring enthusiast, Christian was, from the very first meetings, fully aware of the details to be selected to customize his bespoke garment. He too is fascinated by the fact of composing and combining what most characterizes or distinguishes a shirt: as regards fabrics, for example, twill or poplin, they are mostly chosen for formal models in shades of solid white and sky-blue, to these we the typical stripes are added by a 4mm or the much beloved “Rigone Napoletano”; the cutaway collar is one of his favorites for formal shirts. In fact it is a model that wears on several occasions the one developed especially for him with a more accentuated opening of 5 ° per side, skillfully combined with formal shirts or with a softer structure in flannel and denim.Alternatively, even the more closed neck, called “Italian” is combined with single oblique squared cuffs.

His comedy goes through and tells different eras, a bit like Santillo’s creations, but always remaining elegant, telling everything with that accuracy that combines spontaneity, charisma and passion. 
Another interesting example in which Christian’s particular technical curiosity is highlighted are shirts inspired by the timeless colonial style, with unstructured pure linen that have shoulder pads and four flat pockets, with a straight cut and a clean and extremely essential fit.
Multimedia figure of the national scene, interpreter of an evolved and contemporary Neorealism, brilliant when he evokes the most disparate Italian stereotypes, promptly to fall into epic contradictions.
The typical Gentleman who knows how to take care of and evolve the style that he represents, in our opinion, expressing very well that elegance that we like to define “Italian with small British notes”.