Who has happened at least once to enter in “Santillo” to be made to measure shirts is easy to understand how suggestive it is to be guided in the choice of your model, in every detail.
The customer who goes there for a first visit is introduced in the fabric room: it is here that, in a ‘quite relaxed atmosphere, the foundation is laid for what in time could become a long-lasting relationship and mutual trust between the customer and the shirtmaker, demonstrating a clear will to wear a garment that reflects the oldest sartorial tradition.

Between hands that sewing, hundreds and hundreds of models, old registers, watchful eyes to precious details, the real “connoisseur” becomes a stylist of himself giving new ideas to the collections.

The measurements, the fabrics selection, the habits, the social role, the points of view, and here is designed the garment that is more in tune with one’s needs.
These are slow and loving times of the artisan work done in accordance with art, with care and passion, an incomparable “savoir faire”, now in the hands of a few great artists, who do not resign themselves to the rampant decline of beauty and uniqueness and fight every day with passion to keep up the banner of Italian excellence and its traditional masters.
The customization program is very extensive, it is not easy to establish, for example, exactly, how many models of collared are available now, most likely everyone can be realized in different sizes. We can make our necks with almost any type of construction; from rigid and formal collars to soft, totally empty and unlined designs. We can do whatever a shirt enthusiast wants.
Turning to the fit, the classic cut, little screwed, adapts to a soft white poplin to combine with a tuxedo collar or tight, ideal for a gala evening.

Picking cloth for a shirt can be a little tricky, perhaps even more so than for a suit.
It is easier have an opinion on shades of grey suits, but few will have given much thought to casts of blue poplin.
Fortunately, this is a good thing. Selecting shirt cloth can be confusing because so many of the options look similar – and that’s because often there isn’t much to choose between them.
Ranging from an infinity of sky blues, twills and pin points, the tidy fit, formal, is to wear with dresses in combed wool in the most sober shades.
In order to build an effortless elegance, soft and pleasant, a good shirtmaker keeps watch especially so that your customer is not assailed by depression. For this reason, at the the same time, whit sky blue classic variations will provide bright colors with a sober style: solid colors or pink, green, grey, light yellow stripes and checks are also allowed in more effervescent patterns. On the condition to remain subtle.
Time is not quantifiable, much depends by the finishes, the design times, the fabric, the manual skill more or less refined.

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